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Helping YOU be the FATHER you need to be

so your DAUGHTER can be the woman SHE'S meant to be

  • Are you a high performing dad, everyday dad, or a struggling dad looking for support?             

  • Would you like to let go of old patterns and behaviors so you can raise happy, healthy kids?                                                                   

  • Do you want to build loving, authentic connections with your children?                         

  • Would you like to better balance your career and family to feel more joy and happiness?       

  • Are you ready to become the father you are truly meant to be?

Forest Road

Are you ready to be the man you're meant to be so you can show up for your family fully present?

As a conscious journeyer, I have worked intensely for the past 25+ years growing and learning. Learning to overcome my beliefs, fears, and wounds, so that I can be the father my girls need. Because of my journey I can help you embody your own personal leadership and presence. To show up in a compassionate loving way for your daughter and family, so they can live a life filled with love, abundance, and purpose.

Tropical Leaves

Growing and Evolving

The process of growth is an ever changing and evolving part of life. Change can be hard especially when we are not clear what that change needs to be, or even in what direction we need to go. Often times we are stuck on a pain or a symptom in our life and can't see the bigger picture keeping us in a place of non-growth. We keep working at it, but don't seem to be really getting anywhere.

Do you find that your life really hasn't changed much in the past couple of years even though you've been working at it hard? Maybe you have been reading books, looking online, watching videos, taking courses, spending money, yet still here you are. The same person you were, and not much has changed.

This is where coaching and mentoring come into play. This is when you decide you need something more. You commit to receiving help, support, and guidance. You need a coach/mentor to help you dig deep and find out what it is that is really keeping you from living your dreams. Preventing you from knowing what your gift is and living it into the world. Allowing you to be truly happy in all aspects of your life.


One to One coaching

Let's dive deep together, uncover your depth, transform the things that hold you back and have you be the man your called to be and live the life you are meant to.


I offer equine-guided workshops and retreats through my company Herd Spirit. Here you are able to experience transformation like you never have before. We weave together coaching methods with the guidance and healing power of the horse. 


What Clients Are Saying

I was deeply unhappy and searching for solutions when I met Ezra. Working with him has changed my marriage, my career, my whole life. I will continue working with Ezra for as long as he'll have me. He knows just when to push me forward and when to simply stand by my side. He is a powerful coach, teacher, mentor, and one of my most treasured friends.

I met Ezra years ago when I was going through a divorce. The work I’ve done with him over the years has helped me gain the skills and courage to connect deeply with myself and move from that space with confidence.

Ezra is excellent at seeing the individual for who they are in the present moment, while simultaneously seeing the person they have the potential to become. His years of experience in doing the work himself and facilitating the process for others has made him an irreplaceable asset in my personal growth journey.

 Working with Ezra I was able to break through old habits, learn to listen from a place of empathy and resolve a number of life long issues that had always kept me from truly moving out of the past and into the present. My life has been blessed by his presence.  

Ezra Marrow’s coaching was truly a life changing experience! Ezra is a very special individual whose profound coaching talent and enormous intuitiveness has a unique ability to see into the very heart of you. He creates a very safe space in which to work through challengesunlock & rediscover. I consider myself extremely blessed to have been coached by him.

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