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Simple steps to transform your parenting! 

This guide will help you create an ease filled enjoyable relationship, gain understanding and the tools needed to help you be the best dad so that your daughter can become the amazing women she is meant to be.​

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Lets get your relationship where it needs to be. 

  • Have more fun!

  • Make her proud.

  • Respond not react.

  • Share in the love!

  • Find joy and happiness

  • Solve communication issues.

  • Get rid of frustration and resentment.

  • Be the dad you always wanted to have.

  • Create a better relationship with your wife or partner.

  • Be the leader your daughter and family need you to be

What People are saying about working with me.




The support and guidance from Ezra, is deep and powerful.  How you carefully construct your questions and answers, no fluff, cut's to the core in such a good way!

If you are serious about creating massive change in your life I highly recommend working with Ezra Marrow!

I was deeply unhappy and searching for solutions when I met Ezra. Working with him has changed my marriage, my career, my whole life. 

I met Ezra years ago when I was going through a divorce. The work I’ve done with him over the years has helped me gain the skills and courage to connect deeply with myself and move from that space with confidence.

Ezra is excellent at seeing the individual for who they are in the present moment, while simultaneously seeing the person they have the potential to become.

Working with Ezra I was able to break through old habits, learn to listen from a place of empathy and resolve a number of life long issues that had always kept me from truly moving forward.