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1st Grade Here I Go!!

1st Grade here I go…..

I'm finally getting a really great first grade education!!

My girls started first grade this year. Remember twins, right. They have been super excited and we have done lots of work as parents to get them ready and to be successful.

So where do you ask, does my 1st grade education come into this.

We have the blessing to have a school available to us that is a hybrid program, San Luis Obispo Classical Academy.

The girls go to school Monday and Wednesday. We homeschool Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. By we I mean myself and the girls. The school provides the curriculum and the structure for each week and I do the teaching at home. Yeah, for the school.

So that is where my 1st grade education is coming from. Yeah!!! Actually I am really excited about the journey, all the way through high school. I will get a first class, classical education.

It doesn’t come without its stressors and worries for me. Can I do this, how can I get to all of the work that needs to be done, will it be a big fight to get it done? Most importantly, can I stay calm, clear and present with them, can I let the day flow a bit, can I make it fun?

Last year kindergarten was a good warm up to being a homeschool dad.

Do you remember all of the vowel sounds and how to write letters correctly? I needed a refresher.

This year the work has doubled and gets more interesting as well. The history cycle this year is the middle ages. We have just read Beowulf, (a 1st graders version). A great story about the hero's journey. We are also reading The Story of the World, fun stuff. The girls are enjoying it.

Oh and all of this while I am running my business and helping dads be all they can be for their daughters.

Are any of you dads on the homeschool journey as well?

Would you like to be?

How is your journey as a dad going? Remember to stop, breathe and choose again in each moment you find yourself being who you don’t want to be.

I would love to here about how your journey is going and some of the great things you're creating with your daughter and also some of the challenges.

Go ahead and share in the comments below or just dm for a conversation, would love to talk and share.

Blessings and fun on your journey!


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