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Check out this Podcast I was on.

I recently got to be on the Sotapanna Podcast and have a conversation with Alok Karnik about my work with fathers of daughters.

I am really passionate about this subject.

As a father of daughters, I have both adult daughters and 7yo twins, which has been quite a journey.

I have grown in so many ways over the years. From the time my oldest was born to now has been quite a journey. I am sure she would tell you that I am not the same person I was back then and I also had a lot to make up for. I totally appreciate her willingness to grow with me on this journey of fatherhood.

Because of the journey I have taken and the fact that our world needs to have a lot more strong, powerful, loving women, and also conscious, evolved fathers, I do the work I do.

So take a listen to the podcast. I would love your thoughts and also to hear about your journey, both challenges and successes.

Thank you to the dads who are working to be the best they can be for their daughters, partners and family.

Love and blessings on your path!


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