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What Are Your Favorite Labels?

I have a label for you because I know who you are.....

Because labels help keep me comfortable and safe because if I know who I'm against and who I'm for it makes my life easier if I know what's right and wrong it makes my life easier.

We don't consciously think this to ourselves, but we use labels as a way to keep us safe in our story and in our life. That keeps us comfortable but not growing.

Labels serve a purpose early on in our grow process, it helps us to identify ourselves.

It is important to be able to acknowledge where we are through a label, “I am depressed, I am addictive, I am a sensitive, I am a feeler, I don’t trust, I am a Virgo, I am a CEO, I am a father, I am a mother, I am an identity”

We give labels to others to help us know where to put them in our life, “he is a, she is a, they are”. That way we know who is on our side and who we are against. Maybe who we like and who we don’t.

When we apply labels to our kids or others and let them sit unconsciously, we hold them static, we don't allow them to change or give them an opportunity to grow past that label. This includes our self.

It is often much easier to judge someone and slap a label on them than to get to know them deeply for who they truly are. Especially when it comes to our self.

This is the deep hard work that gets us to our ideal life.

When we start to grow and evolve labels help us by being able to know who we are on some level in this moment. Which gives us a starting place to move from, to grow out of, to grow towards a new version of ourselves.

Once we own that truth about ourselves then we are able to change it and move on. The next step is to remove the label from our self and to free yourself up to a being state, “I am”.

Check in with yourself where do you label others in your life where do you label yourself, how do you hold them back through the labeling, how do you hold yourself back through labeling?

Are you ready to let go of that identity, that has held you back?

If you're ready to change your life evolve and grow, then let's get together.

Let’s rip that label off!

So, we can get down to the truth of who you are and help you live from a being state that glorious place of a deeper knowing. From there we can work to support you in being the dad your daughter needs you to be.

This will also help you to create the business, relationships, and the love you want in your life.

There are so many layers to becoming the dad you need and want to be. But there are also little steps along the way that will give you improvements in your relationship and your ability to show up for your daughter and family.

Our world and your family need impowered amazing women. We can do that together by being our best self and learning how to be the dad our daughters need.

If you are ready, I am ready and here for you!

Let me know in the comments below what label you are ready to let go of today.

Love and blessings!

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