Ready To Create A Profound, Lasting Partnership With Your Horse & Regain the Joy and Excitement You Once Had?

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Here Are Some Recent Course Client Testimonials...


"I learned that the kind of leadership I embody and how committed I am at showing up authentically, with a steadfast intention to give my horse my full focus, provide the most important foundations to successfully overcome our challenges." 

"With Ezra's coaching my horse has afforded me the most extraordinary opportunities for healing and growth. His guidance and keen observational skills helped me to recognize important aspects of my beliefs about myself, my relationships, other humans and my relationships with my horses."

Betsy's Life-changing Journey!

Despite being a long time rider, Betsy and her horse still hadn't been able to make the true connection she was looking for. She didn’t feel safe and things weren’t consistent and reliable. Her horse became emotional and spooky when other horses left them on the trail.

When she started the program she quickly found the tools, support and concepts that helped improve the relationship with her horse far beyond her initial hopes and aspirations. We worked to completely shift her beliefs and mindset about what was possible, which created new outcomes and new horizons.

They're now riding safely and having fun again on the trail. Their partnership has become one of mutual trust and respect.

Here's Betsy sharing about the course: "This training helped me open up to the realization that there is a genuine conversation to be had with my horse through truly understanding his language and perspective, and the necessity of showing up with presence in the moment."
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"The experience went far beyond an improved relationship with my horse and extended to a truer sense of my authentic self as well as an improved artistry in the dance that is fundamental to improved human relationships. I found Ezra to be a gifted teacher with the ability to clearly articulate important truths that challenged my false beliefs in a way that helped me overcome some of my own deep-seated obstacles."

"I highly recommend the course to any woman looking to improve her relationship with her horse, herself and/or her world."

~ Joanne ~

"Thank you Ezra for a truly amazing experience. The course was a transformational journey for me. I learned to let go of past experiences, fears and expectations."

"I can now listen to my horses, and change my approach, to build a lasting partnership with each of them. We still have work to do, and with this course as our foundation, the future is full of possibilities."

“This is an opportunity to train yourself and finally make the breakthroughs you’ve been hoping for. I would highly encourage any horse woman to take this course in order to achieve her dreams!"

~ Sharon ~

"This program is mastery designed for you. The first half reflects on your values and in creating true leadership with your horse. The second half applies your new leadership skills to really deepen your horsemanship. Both of my horses have become calm and confident, along with me!"

"Ezra is an extraordinary expert and he taught me to allow mistakes and the importance of making choices. From the training, we now move together safely and I can really ride."

"I truly feel connected to them in such a unique way. This has been a life changing! My dream to be truly close to my horses has been realized."

In This 10-week Program "The Art of Equine Connection"™
We Focus On Creating An Effortless Partnership
With Your Horse So You Can Regain
the Joy, Trust & Excitement You Once Had.... Quickly!

The 5 Pillars of the Program Are:

  • #1 - Mindset & Belief Rewiring

    If you crave a deep, powerful, truly conscious equine relationship... then YOU MUST be willing to address your thoughts and your beliefs about your horse, and yourself. This is especially important for those of you who have had an injury or experience that has left you fearful of working with or riding your horse again. Your thoughts and beliefs ➡ lead to your actions ➡ which lead to your results in the world. When you transform your thoughts and beliefs... it automatically changes your actions and your results allowing you to establish real and lasting change. We'll help you transform the relationship with your horse by having you work on your "side of the pen" first, so that when you then address the relationship with them, it will be much more effortless and joy-filled. And that resistance that you and your horse have been experiencing melts away.

  • #3: Let Your Horse Do the Talking

    Understanding that your horse is a mirror and they have the answer to the challenges you’re experiencing with them, is the most powerful way to make massive transformation in your horsemanship and create the equine relationship of your dreams... you just have to learn to listen! We'll show you how to receive your horse’s feedback, allowing you to know what steps to take in each moment. Through experiential exercises, you'll see the world through your horse’s eyes, and listen to what your horse has to say about YOU. What if the moment of your greatest challenge is also the moment right before your greatest breakthrough! We’ll help you gain a true understanding of why you and your horse are together, and discover the magic of this unique relationship.

  • #5: Evolutionary Horsemanship

    The final step is bridging the personal growth and equine-guided work that you've done in the first half of the course, together with practical natural horsemanship. We will guide you through foundational groundwork and saddle work exercises and skill building practices to identify any gaps in your technique, and from there lay the foundation for truly evolutionary horsemanship. You'll also learn the common mistakes that people make when trying to “train” their horse, so that you can let go of the bad habits that are limiting your potential. Bringing your own personal growth work together with your horse’s transformation allows you to move into the dance of equine connection where you have balance, flow, fluidity and profound communication. From this place, you will be able to establish an effortless, lasting partnership with your horse so you can regain and maintain the joy, trust and excitement you once had.

  • #2: Channeling Your Horse's Language

    Understanding how your horse thinks and communicates will allow you to stop spending your time struggling, and start spending your time enjoying this amazing animal! Every horse has their own path of learning that they must go through in order to become the partner of your dreams. In this step, we'll have you begin to video some specific activities with your horse, so we can review these, break them down and give you direct feedback to ensure we're immediately addressing your issues... and you can begin to see improvements right away. We'll teach you about the progression of your horse's emotional and mental journey so they can teach you how they want to be understood. Once you can truly listen to how your horse communicates, it allows you to guide them from fear, resistance and confusion to understanding, agreement, and partnership ... the true art of equine connection.

  • #4: Create A "Herd of Two"

    When you become a real leader in your horse’s eyes it will immediately allow you to feel safer and more confident while on the ground and in the saddle. Once we've guided you through the first three pillars of the course, it will then be time for you to establish true leadership with your horse by creating what we call, a "Herd of Two". This is where your mindset shifts really begin to take hold and make changes, allowing you to develop a deeper relationship with your horse by creating a safe, trusted partner. In this step, we'll ask the question “who do YOU have to become in order to be the leader your horse needs?” With expert guidance, you'll answer this and begin to practice true leadership, so that you finally know there is a strong partnership in place, and not just a horse and rider... so riding truly becomes fun again!

  • Who This Is For:

    This unique program is not for everyone...

  • * You must be a horse owner who really wants to fix your problems NOW!

  • * You must truly be committed to transforming the relationship with your horse.

  • * You need to be willing to take 100% responsibility for achieving your goals.

  • * You must be in this for the long run and know that you need more than just a band-aid fix.

  • * You must be willing to invest your time, energy, and money into solving your problems.

More Client Testimonials...


~ Judy ~

"I am so thankful for all Ezra has given to me, he is extraordinary as a teacher. He has amazing insights into my personal human conditions, along with an unparalleled ability to see & feel the horse’s emotionality. He is truly the finest, most powerfully transformative horseman and leader I have ever worked with."

~ Charlotte ~
"The help that you offered me and my horse has continued to impact our relationship, as it should, from the ground up. And for this I'm extremely grateful. Thank you for the knowledge you offer to those committed, and courageous enough to really listen.
You changed the course of our lives, and there's just no words for that...only actions! Everything in life has a tipping point, and Ezra was that tipping point."

~ Linda ~
"This work bridged a divine connection between me and my horse. It was this connection that allowed me to look within my soul through the eyes of the horse and find my peace.
My highest recommendations."

~ Mindy ~
"Learning from Ezra dramatically increased the level of mutual trust and confidence I have with my horse. I am a more relaxed and confident rider, and I am truly enjoying my horse more than ever. It was his teaching that allowed me to realize my dream of competing in the 100 mile Tevis Endurance Race!"

~ Lisa ~

"My experience was tremendous, providing instant results in the way I move through my life and the way I communicate with those around me. Because of the active participation with your horse, you don't just put the information away and forget about it, instead you have these tools and learnings in the palm of your hand. I now challenge myself to stay conscious to these things. The results for me have been truly amazing, and they still continue."

~ Bonnie ~
"My retirement dream is to ride and show in Dressage. Last year I bought a big beautiful flashy Warmblood and fell in love, but I quickly realized that I couldn't handle this sensitive, spooky 17.2 hand beauty. I questioned my dream and considered selling my horse before I got hurt... it was a depressing time. Ezra saved my dream and I can't put into words how thankful I am!!!"

~ Alicia ~
"Ezra brought me and my horse to a deep place of communication and understanding. This work has propelled my growth as a person and as a rider."

~ Doug ~
"You helped me uncovered areas of my own behavior that needed attention. I was excited about exploring more deeply changes that I needed to make. Through a process of honest introspection, I was quickly able to focus on the areas that I wanted to improve and break through old habits that had kept me from truly moving out of the past and into the present. I can say without a doubt that Ezra has blessed and improved my life deeply in many ways."

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